Monday, 18 June 2012

Signs You Have Met Your Twin Flame

I need to caution that all of these signs are not "proof" of meeting the other half of your soul, very often we are challenged by the meeting of a "near twin" or karmic soul mate that can mirror all these signs. In my own experience, the man I believed with my entire being to be my Twin Flame turned out to be a karmic soul mate, and one of the most painful lessons of my life. More on that later. So here they are:

Signs you have met your Twin Flame:

Do you recognize yourself?  What you are seeing in the mirrored reflection is you!

1)  Upon the first meeting you instantly recognize them, feel like you have known them forever.  This can happen with soul mates as well so it’s not necessarily just with the Twin Flame.

2)  Your heartbeat quickens in their presence.  Sometimes even your head will pound.  At the same time there is an over riding sense of peace and calm.  

3)  The usual time of getting to know each other doesn’t even seem necessary.  The relationship gets accelerated so fast and it usually initiates with an intensity and an immediacy which is not necessarily physical.  Because you feel like you have known them forever suddenly you are spending more time with this person than with any other person on the planet.  You both sense this urgency to be together or to make connection.

4)  You are forever seeing yourself in their eyes in a very real and all encompassing way.  The good, the bad, the ugly and the profoundly beautiful parts of yourself; the parts you usually blush about because you are afraid to say out loud “that’s one of my really good things”.  This doesn’t happen in most relationships as it’s usually the day to day things but it’s like looking into this mirror through their eyes and into your own soul.

5)  You will not have to dumb yourself down vibrationally to accommodate this person.  You interact with other people who you can’t speak their language, they just don’t get it, you can hardly connect with them on a vibrational level at all so you dumb yourself down.  You won’t have to do this with your Twin because you can say anything or be anything in their presence and they get it.

6)  Very quickly you will begin to feel a very high energy, almost an orgasmic energy, between you.  Sometimes this is felt in the lower centers and is taken for passion, a chemical reaction, which is very common, but where it lands is what makes the difference.  You feel it in your heart.  It’s like the whole explosion of energy as a release ends up coming to your heart instead of just to your loins.  If you feel it in your loins, pay attention to this.  Is it just that you want to have intercourse with them or do you want to be inside of them somehow or have them inside of you?  Big trigger!  It’s like how can I walk into this person, like intercourse wouldn’t be enough.

7)  There’s rarely a desire to be apart.  Now that doesn’t mean physically, you may have the opportunity to be with someone physically but it’s more like your attention is with them all day, like you are in their body suit, that you will feel them.  They can be half way across the planet and there’s no desire for any kind of separation, it’s you connecting with you and so you are intuiting what they are experiencing.  You feel when they are sad, you feel when they are happy, you feel when they are angry.  So when it’s said that you rarely want to be apart that’s true.   If you are together all the time, you very often have complimentary vocations, or avocations in which the work one of you is doing is multiplied by the other and vice versa but without any sense of competition.  Nobody is trying to control anything.  

8)  There is NO co-dependence.  Co-dependence is a big red flag.  It’s a symbol of the illusory Twin, the False Twin.  So pay attention there.  If you go searching for someone and you are attracted to them for any number of reasons and all of a sudden that relationship becomes co-dependent, you can bet ego is smack in the middle of it.  These are two sovereign beings with no need to own or control each other. 

9)  The telepathic connection is really strong.  When you are in each others presence you literally start finishing each others sentences.  Sometimes it’s just saying out loud what the other person was thinking.  Now that can happen with soul mates too but it is really common with Twins and right from the beginning, not like living with each other for 30 years and you are doing it because you have been in each others presence for so long.  So reading energy is common because we are all interconnected but when you start saying out loud what the other was just thinking very early in the relationship, that is a really big signal.

10)  There’s a greater awareness to your joint purpose and it almost always involves some sort of service to humanity on a larger scale.  The combination of your acquired talents to bring more light to the whole.  Now this doesn’t mean that you have to be like one person an actor and one person a writer, it could be that your acquired talents are energetic talents, like you really know how to hold a field together and you can just live or be together and create these massive fields of love for the planet and act as an anchor point.  That might be the service, it doesn’t mean you have to be out front and center, teaching anything or being the guru.  Your living it is the service.

11)  It’s absolutely effortless to be in a constant state of giving love to this person with absolutely no thought of what‘s going to be returned.  There is no question of “what’s in it for me” going through your mind.  Because you are giving so much love, that energy grows exponentially and becomes so magnified between you that there is this constant flow of palpable energy between all of your chakras not just your hearts, all of your chakras.  It’s this coming together and going apart and coming together and going apart.  It’s like coming into union and stepping back and being a sovereign being.  This happens whether you are physically together or apart, you feel it, it becomes like a rhythm for you.  This is happening because as you give this love it’s like a self-regenerative energy that you subliminally agree to pass between you, it’s like you are feeding each other in a very unusual way but you are feeding each other this energy of love.

12)  Also you are going to feel a deep sense of unity that you’ve never known before, like a single unit.  It’s like you have locked bodies somehow and you are walking around and doing these amazing things without having to conform to each others personality. 

13)  You will very often, especially if you are doing any kind of energy work together, you are going to move out of time and space altogether a lot.  Sometimes just instantly without even thinking about it.  It has to do with being truly present in the moment, the now moment, with this beloved.  Whole days can pass without even noticing any expenditure of energy that might otherwise be difficult in the tasks of your day.  When you practice working in the heart field, you start accessing it so often, sometimes you will just slip into it without consciously creating it.  That is always out of the time space continuum. 

14)  Absolutely anything that stands in the way of either of you opening yourself completely to true love is going to rise up to the surface and be right in your faces in an exaggerated and magnified manner.  Any Karma that might stand between you from having bumped into each other or working with each other in other lifetimes is going to show up in a big hurry.  Even though you may start with this passionate affair, suddenly all this stuff is going to come up and it’s coming up so you can dissolve and consume the illusions that are standing in the way of you actually holding only love at the nucleus of your relationship.  When that happens, if you will both promise and commit to remain in the heart and choose love instead of judgment, all those limitations can be accepted and loved free very quickly.  They come up not to be re-engaged in, they come up to be dissolved and consumed.  If you make a list of every grievance you have with your beloved, and you brought it up without re-engaging in the whole history of everything that’s ever happened between you and then you burn that between you as a symbol and then use the Violet Consuming Flame.  This is just a ritual and a powerful gift between you that allows you to break all those interior barriers to giving and receiving love.  That takes a commitment, it takes building that muscle to do that.  

15)  If you are involved with a partner in a sexual relationship, there is going to be an inner, deeper, natural understanding of the sacred union between you.  And you will so swiftly learn to control and utilize the sexual energy for higher purposes.  Sacred Sexuality has been translated throughout the history of mankind to come through the Kama Sutra, which has in modern times been marketed as a tool to sustain an orgasm with another human being, just a physical sensation that you can sustain for hours if you want to.  True Kama Sutra is exciting the electrons in the body and then raising that energy of orgasmic expression into every chakra.   When you start experiencing sacred sexuality, that will not only happen, but then all of it will come back together in your heart in an explosion.  You can’t even imagine how incredible that is because it’s so far from anything you have experienced for a physical orgasm in your lower chakras that nothing else will ever match up.

There signs are taken from the webinar on Twin Flames by Angelina Heart 2 years ago now.  There is a lot of info on Twin Flames on her website:  I also recommend her book "Teaching of Little Crow". I will end this post here and have more to follow. 

Oh I should explain too why I have been away from posting here. This journey is the hardest thing I have ever done in my whole 55 years of life. I have ups and downs, highs and lows, and everything in between. I was told once that this Twin Flame journey is not for spiritual sissies. Trust me it isn't. So it's been a rough year for a couple of reasons but I want to do this. Blessings of Light!


  1. I don't understand your last comment. Can you please elaborate

  2. I'm not sure which comment you are referring to Sina. Can you tell me exactly what you want explained?

  3. I am new to this. At first I was afraid of him. But so yearning for him at the very same time. I was afraid he was dark and I was light and we were forbidden. This new download of information is very... well new. And the spirit speaks to me alot. I have heard the word lightworker... I know I am in a spiritual awakening... I know this is happening for a specific purpose... I am lost and confused. Can you help me??

    1. Hi Leslie, first let me say I'm sorry that it has taken me so long to reply to your comment but Gmail has changed the way I receive notifications when someone comments on my blog and so I'm only now reading your post.

      I want you to understand that I'm not a Twin Flame expert. I'm just a woman experiencing her own journey with her Twin Flame. I will recommend some books to you that I found very helpful when I first started this journey, "Say 'Yes' to Love" which is a series of books beginning with "God Explains Soul Mates". There are several books in this series and there is one that I think is called "God's Guidance to Lightworkers". I have read all of the books a couple of times because I find them very helpful in explaining this journey. I also recommend the goldraytwinflames Youtube channel, Mel has many videos explaining Twin Flames and the journey as well. I consider him to be an expert on Twin Flames because he's married to his. I will warn you that there are many out there who claim to be Twin Flame experts but aren't. No one can be an expert unless they are in a relationship with their own Twin Flame and most of them aren't. So be careful what you read and take to heart. My advice would be to use only that information that resonates with your own heart and discard the rest. Also look up Twin Flame Reunion on Facebook, they have a couple of people who post regularly and I really like what they post. So that should get you started.

      Welcome to the spiritual path Lightworker! If you have any more questions feel free to contact me in a private e-mail if you like.

      Much love and light to you!

  4. Sorry but that old fucker isnt a twin that mel or wateva his name is.their egos are so big.creating mobey out of this lol. You reconnect with your twin once one has achieved eternal peace nirvana. And those two are far from it. He gets anoyed easily and he commands his wife.those aint twins sorry!