Tuesday, 20 November 2012

Synchronicity with Twin Flames When They Split

Here is an article I found that speaks directly to how I have been feeling. The past few days as I have been catching up on my blog where I originally started it ( and then moved it to this site, the more I write about H the more convinced I am that he is my Twin. Then I read this article and boy let me tell you I have experienced everything the author of this post talks about. 

I have tried and tried and tried some more to forget about H and our relationship. The more I try to forget the more signs I see that relate to him or our relationship. Not anything that could be interpreted as a relationship with someone else but only my relationship with him. Those signs for me include: Someone posted a photo and story about a cat on Facebook. The headline read "My Angel CC". That is significant because he always called me "My Angel" and he never referred to me as Carolyn but by my initials which happen to be CC. Now what are the chances of that?? Then there are other signs like 11:11 or 888, those were both numerical signs that we shared as in we were both seeing them a lot in our time together and I would figure as I see them still even though we are not presently communicating, it's possible and very likely he's seeing them too. Then there are a couple of songs that he sent me the videos of like "Unchained Melody" and a couple of others that I seem to persistently come across. I have read  quotes on other Facebook posts that were exactly word for word something he said to me. Everything I read about Twin Flames brings him to mind and not Rob.

The smell of Jasmine is a constant reminder of my time with him because one night while we were chatting online I caught the scent of something beautiful but I didn't know where it was coming from. I didn't have on perfume and there was nothing in the room that would smell like that. I remember him asking me what was wrong as he could see me looking around on webcam. I told him that I could smell something beautiful but I didn't know what the scent was or where it was coming from. He said "it's Jasmine" and I looked at him surprised, and asked "how would you know that?" and he said "because I can smell it too". Twin Flames can do that, experience the same things, even though separated by many many miles upon this earth as he and I are. The Twin Flame connection is extraordinary and is not shared with another.

In my quest to forget him, to ease my pain, I have watched many many TV shows that I have bought the seasons of. I'm not much of a TV watcher normally but when the pain is intense and I need some relief from the thoughts and memories of him then I will lose myself in my latest show. Even that doesn't always work because in an episode of Charmed that I was watching, a detective tells the girls that he's investigating witches in San Francisco (where the girls are), Barbados (where H lives) and Newfoundland (where I live). Now I ask you, what are the chances of that???

It is true that you work on yourself as part of all this too. I have learned many new things, some new skills I didn't know I possessed. My spiritual path has grown and even changed some as I grow spiritually and emotionally. I have discovered new interests. I have read many many books on Twin Flames and the spiritual path I'm following. I have met some great people from all over the world who have Twins and I have made some lasting friendships with some of them. There is so much more but I think you get the idea, lol.

Meeting your Twin Flame forever changes your life. There is no going back and no forgetting what you have learned and experienced. There is no other relationship like it on or off the planet. You only have one Twin and once you have loved and been loved in this relationship, no other relationship will ever do. There will always be a bond, a connection between you. You will always be aware of him or her even after long periods of silence.

All I have to do is close my eyes and focus on him and it's all right there. If I get nothing else from writing these posts, it has helped me to put my own thoughts and feelings in order. The doubt is gone. H is my true Twin Flame.

Enjoy the article below.

Blessings of Light!

Synchronicity with Twin Flames When They Split

I first learned about a 'twin flame' relationship through happenstance in a different relationship. The goal of this site is to provide insight and help to others who ...

I struggled most of the day today to figure out how to write this blog. We all know that right before and/or when you meet your twin flame, synchronicity is at work. Everything from 11-11, the signs (which you can view on many of my previous posts), soul recognition, etc; but what if you and your twin flame are currently caught up in the dance, where the runner twin has exited for the time being? Where is the synchronicity there? What are the signs from the Universe that gives the "Chaser" or "Awakened" twin the constant confirmation (or maybe even the "Runner" twin), putting it constantly in the forefront of their minds? The Universe is at work here, folks. It's never for nothing.

As a twin myself, here are some of the signs I've experienced:
- Their name pops up on signage, billboards, advertisements;
- Songs you shared together keep coming on. (Since my psychic abilities have increased, even when I start to think of a song and change the station, that song comes on.);
- The things they like, food, places, etc. keep popping up;
- Due to increased psychic abilities, you are able to feel them and discern the different between yourself and your twin. This can be later confirmed;
- You are able to visualize and yes, even see what your twin is doing. Keep track of the days/time; When you are together again, you can confirm;
- You can feel your twin. I felt when he'd have moments of anger (at the situation), sadness, etc;
- When you try to move on, to push them away from your memory, something always happens to bring them back into the forefront of your mind; whether it's something small, like someone wearing their perfume/cologne scent, or you thought you saw them/someone who looks identical driving/walking by;

Every story is different, but the point I'm trying to make is: Sometimes we will feel like we just want to give up, it's too hard, it's too complicated - We start to grow numb, throw ourselves into our work, we watch more TV, surround ourselves with people to keep busy; DO ANYTHING so that time passes by and you DON'T think about them, tire yourself out at the gym so that when you do come home, you collapse into a heap on the bed and just sleep. But you'll notice, the more you try to forget, the more you try to move on, the more apparent it becomes, the more signs you see. Remember, you were predestined to be together. Your futures, your path, dictated by a greater being. You've done this dance many, many times before in different lifetimes.

So, what do you do? The only thing you can do is try not to escape it. Embrace it for what it is. Does that mean bothering the runner? No. That will only make them run, much faster, and farther. You'll only be impeding the eventual reunion. Work on yourself. You have to remember this is a spiritual path with your soul partner. You cannot throw this relationship into the realm of romance (though there is plenty of it). It's a SOUL connection. During this time, you'll start asking questions like, "What am I here for?" "What is my duty to mankind?" "What is my purpose?" - It's the path to enlightenment, to becoming the person you were meant to be. You have to revel in that. The same for your twin. They have to come into their selves and become the person they were meant to become, and some people cannot grow with you there. Some must do the soul searching on their own, in their own time. They'll come back to you when they are ready. There is no escaping that. You cannot escape your other half.

They say the Great Creator gave his greatest battles to his toughest soldiers; You are one of his toughest soldiers. Accept it, believe in the Universe and that everything happens in it's own time and for the right reasons. It dulls the great pain (believe me, it is just that, a GREAT pain) that you feel inside.

You two cannot be together unless you are TWO WHOLE SOULS. One cannot depend on the other for happiness, there is no codependency. You don't need your twin for your sense of self.
In the meantime, take these little signs not as nuisances. Just smile when they do happen. It's just the Universe telling you, "Hang in there, everything in due time." And after all, these little reminders only serve as a sort of confirmation, right? It warms the heart, makes you realize that what you had was real, was true. And most importantly, extremely rare.


  1. hello carolyn,
    thank you very much for your post , it really rings true of my own experience i had no idea what twin flame is untill i met her everything goes upside down everything doesnt fit by the world defination as i am married and she is married and we are of the same gender , the feeling and bond is so strong i thought i must be going nuts! 2 months of intense companionship was just too much i just snapped from the relationship it was too much for me to handle we had a fight and fell out, i missed her very much but she is unwilling to reconciled i supposed she is not ready to reconnect again , i hurt her a lot :( .still love her much i try to forget her but it doesnt work so i just accept things as they are and it makes me a happier person i always think good thoughts about her and pray that she is happy in her current situation , it give me peace in my heart :) eventhough we cant be together now.

    1. Sorry for the delay in replying to your comment. I don't often check my e-mail that is linked to this blog. I used to first when I started writing here but as no one was commenting I guess I got out of the habit of checking.

      My Twin is married but I'm divorced and he's the one who isn't ready for one reason or another. However we seem to be good at the Twin Flame "dance" as it's called. We come together for a time and then split apart for a while only to come back together again and the love never waivers. It's not an easy path for anyone who finds their Twin. Some say that not all Twins are meant to reunite here and then there are others who say if we are both incarnate on the planet then we are meant to reunite. There are a lot of people out there who claim to be Twin Flame experts but who knows for sure what is right or who is wrong. It's a wait and see game. The way I look at my own relationship right now is that if it's meant to be it will be.

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    2. Your story after meeting your Twin sounds like my story. I didn't know H before we met in 2008 but when we did meet it was like wow. And 5 months later I was wondering what the heck happened when he started missing our online dates as this has always been an online long distance relationship.

      I can't say for sure that he will see the same numbers and so on that you do. I know H saw them as I was seeing them.

      Whether you should get involved in a new relationship is up to you. All I can tell you is that for many Twins that I know personally, some have been years with no contact whatsoever with their Twins after the initial phase. So wait if you want but know that it could be a long time and some of the Twins, the men that left, have been involved in other relationships and some have gotten married. I can't tell you what to do on that score, you will have to follow your own inner guidance.

      I know right now for me, I've joined a dating site about a month ago. I have been talking to some other men but so far nothing much is happening because I'm waiting for that "wow" feeling I had with H. It might never happen but in the meantime I have met some great people.

      From all that I have read or watched or learned over the past 5 years is that every Twin Flame journey is unique even though there are similarities. He felt that love just as you did but it seems that most of the male Twins, not all and sometimes it's the female, can't handle the depth of emotion that they experience and so they become what is called runners.

      As often happens, it's the female who grows spiritually faster than the male. And so we are the ones going through the growth when it appears they are not. However in spite of what it appears like, they too are going through their own spiritual growth but in a different way.

      Sometimes all we can do is let them go. I, like you, cast aside my ego and my pride and have begged him to not do this but it hasn't made any difference. I know the pain you are feeling because I feel it too. Most days all I want is to leave this planet. I'm so tired of all of this. Not to discourage you. Maybe things will work out differently for you. It's been 5 long painful years for me. I've about reached my limit.

      There is a lot of info on my blog with links to sites and videos. I will caution you though that not everything you read is the truth of Twin Flame. If the person who claims to be an expert isn't in a relationship with their own Twin, then they don't know anything but what they have read or watched themselves. Even some who are in relationships with their Twins have different info. Just take what resonates or feels right to you and leave the rest.

      If there is anything you would like to talk about feel free to send me a message and I will help you the best way I can, even if it is just to talk.

      Take care,

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  3. Hi all,
    I really wish i could go back to my previous life when i didnt know what twin flames were. Life wasnt great but it was manageble. Now, well im speechless in front of all this. Im going through the motion nothing is important anymore apart my love for my soulmate which is inconditional even if he has been the one who has hurt me the most. I havent seen him for over a year and yet again im here waiting for him. Not logical isnt it? But logic disappeared the day i met him anyway so i guess it doesnt really matter is sometimes i feel like a fool.
    I ve never been an obsessive person and now i cannot get rid of this crazy feeling.
    I agree that there are so many people who think that they master the concept of twin flames and they probably do more harm to the ones who are actually living it. If they really knew what it felt to have such a strong connection they probably wouldnt write this kind of trash.

    As per the signs i remember this very strange one from about a year ago. I was supposed to go to a certain place which meant to pass by a bar where we said goodbye for the last time. So i got ready psychologically and said to myself " ok in a few days i will have to go through that street ... Be strong". A few days later, on the actual day where i was walking down that street i was concentrating on something and wasnt thinking about this place until i got there, looked up as i had to make sure was wasnt going to be run over by a car and my eyes crossed the walls of this place. What do i see there? The name of this guy written on the wall. Now this was a brand new place nothing was written there before and this name was the only thing written on it. Coincidences are so odd. Just as i had prepared myself a few days prior to this and just as i wasnt actually thinking about it at that moment in time, i had to see that and everything came back as you can imagine.

    In regards to spirituality yes i agree this lind f thing has an impact on the third eye. also because you just have to accept facts that cannot really be explained with our daily logic.

    This connection could be a blessing but unfortunatey so far its been a curse.

    Im not sure how this will end up but as of now im waiting for someone i havent heard for a long time and i dont even know if i will hear ever again. Feelings should disappear but they are stronger each day.

    There isnt a good day anymore im on survival mode and i have been for a long time.

    I will probably have to resort in finding someone i will not like as much but this will only be just to keep my sanity i assume. I will not be able to offer much to them but will try my best. So far i havent been able to cross this line.

    As you were mentioning watching tv to keep your mind focused i have the same thing. I actually cannot watch tv or listen tousic anymore because of the feelings i get but i watch documentaries or debates abot history as they dont involve many feelings. Some other times i focus on other things in order to keep my mind busy.

    Im glad i found this blog at least i dont feel like a complete outsider


    1. First let me say I'm sorry it has taken me so long to reply but as Gmail has changed their format so that things related to my blog now show up under social which is funny because I only looked under that tab for the first time last night. So that's why I'm only reading your comment now.

      I know how hard this is believe me and I have said to myself so many times that I wish I had never met H. At least I didn't know then what I was missing. Being in survival mode is all we can do sometimes because I have also been in that mode for a long time although I'm doing better now.

      As for finding someone else, good luck with that, lol. Speaking for myself, I have only had a couple of very short lived "relationships" over the past 6 years. It feels like I'm not meant to be involved in a long term relationship. But who knows, it might work for you.

      Synchronicities and coincidences abound. I see H's name a lot and it's not all that common. Or sometimes I think it's his name but then when I look closer it's not his name but a similar one. Then I see things that he used to say to me. I remember signing into Facebook one day to see a post about a cat named CC. The title was "My angel CC". H always calls me his angel and his nickname for me is CC, my initials. There are a lot more but you get the idea.

      I know my relationship with H was impacting my third eye big time and his too. We would make jokes about it because one or both of us would actually feel like a headache in our third eyes and when he would say his was hurting, I would say "Then stay out of my head!" and then we would laugh.

      It is an amazing relationship and the only thing I can tell you is to hang in there. Focus on yourself and your own inner work because as you work on yourself you are helping your Twin Flame as well. As I just wrote to another comment by someone else, they say that as we move into higher vibrations of light, the planet as a whole, the veil that keeps us from remembering who and what we are will become thinner and thinner. That means that people will start waking up and remembering how they are and remember their Twins and so on. So I hold onto that and try to find some peace in that. I know too that nothing either one of us can do will permanently affect the relationship or sever the bonds that Twin Flames share. I hope this gives you some comfort.

      Take care and much love,

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  5. Having a Twin Flame is one of the most incredible yet painful thing one can ever experience! My twin, B, & I never had a 'romantic' relationship despite there being chemistry & energy others could feel & commented on often. I would know when he was around I would get a small pain in my left scapula & I would know he was around (even if he wasn't suppose to be even in the state). As far as sharing experiences, I once ended up experiencing a very angry sex lucid dream while he was over 350 mi away in another state having sex with an ex-girlfriend who had utterly destroyed him emotionally a year before we met. Hell I knew & even told him he would have sex with her, which he said he'd never let her hurt him again. Well I guess she knew what buttons to push with him cause they did have sex; however, what I experienced was his 'fantasy' (for lack of a better word) of revenge sex. By the way at the time this happened I was still a virgin, I woke up unable to walk without pain. When I finally got into the bathroom I saw bruises all over my body ... Around my neck, my breasts & thighs. The bruises were full hand impressions & bigger than my own. When I saw him the next day, he seemed ashamed that he had let her back in & as he gave me a hug I involuntarily winced in pain. He instantly noticed & demanded to know who had hurt me. How do you explain to someone what I experienced so I tried to avoid having to answer him. But B being him he was ready to go kick someone's ass who hurt me. Finally I broke down & said 'No one did it on purpose' he gave me a look like yeah right until I finally started telling him about specific details about his night w/his ex. He went quiet then whispered 'How do you know that?'. So I looked at him with tears in my eyes & pulled down my turtleneck sweater& revealed my bruised neck. That's when I told him what he was thinking/feeling while he was with her. He went sheet white & barely whispered 'You can't know that' ... I grabbed his hand & placed it up to my neck-it was a perfect match, he shook his head no, so I lifted my sweater some & pulled the top of my sweatpants down a bit to reveal the bruises on my hip & again a perfect match. He began crying & apologizing but also repeating 'how could I do that to you?' 'C, I'm never wanted to hurt you ever Oh my God, what have I done?'. I told him it was from him but it wasn't his fault. His voice broke as he cried saying 'It looks like you were raped!' I tried repeatedly to relieve him of his guilt but then a few weeks later his mom died & I clearly remember having a dream in which I could see his life energy almost gone at his mom's funeral. So, in the dream, I remember clearly going over to him & as I embraced him in a hug & whispered 'I freely give him all I have with this Soul Embrace' & it was like seeing one vessel being poured into another until everything was at safe levels. I've tried to research a 'soul embrace' but never got too far, but I had a sensitive (who I was simply walking past) tell me years later I had freely given up some of my life force to my twin soul with a soul embrace because my soul knew if I didn't he'd never had survived ... That I actually had saved his life but it left me weakened. B & I lost touch shortly after that & despite never having a 'romantic' relationship with B, I never have yet or since had a love for anyone as I had for him.

    1. First let me say that I am only now reading your comment as Gmail has changed it's format and I didn't receive the notification the same way I used to. So I'm sorry for the delay. Seems I am saying this a lot today!

      Wow, that is an amazing story. I know of someone else who has experienced her Twin's sexual encounters. I haven't, I think I have blocked it and I'm glad I have. The experiences shared by Twin Flames is extraordinary to say the least. I know H can feel my emotional turmoil. I had a fight with my father a few months after H and I met. I left my parent's house in tears and cried all the way home. When I got home, my phone rang and H wanted to know what was wrong with me. I asked him how the heck he knew anything was wrong with me considering the physical distance between us. He just said he could feel it and so I should tell him what was wrong. He has felt my anger with him and he said he hears me when I talk to him in my mind. So yes I do know a little of what you talk about but not to that extreme.

      I have never met another who I could love or even have that connection with. So yes it does make it very difficult to settle for anything less that's for sure. Good luck on your journey.

  6. Hi, Carolyn, I'm so glad I ran across your post while searching for awnsers concerning my last relationship. It's the weirdest thing ive ever experienced and at some points I've literally questioned my sanity. I was hoping that you could shed some light on the situation or at least ease my mind. See, we went to school together. We had a few classes in the 8th grade but I don't remember him much from high school. We were friends but never oitside of school and it's not like we had a real close friendship back then. for some reason I quite frequently thought of him and wondered how he was after we both graduated. He was one of the first people I would look up on my space and Facebook but could never find him. I ended up getting married and was married for six years when I seen his profile on Facebook under people you may know. I always knew him by his middle name but his profile was under his first. I was so happy to finally have contact with him again. We started chatting and hit it off. I was still married at the time and ended up having an affair with him. Not something I'm proud of at all. We seen each other every chance we got. There were points where he would run hit and cold and it drove me crazy. I was at the worst time in my life and things got to be too much for him. He was fine one day and ignored me from then on out. I'm pretty sure I may have came on too strong and scared him off. But there was something different about this. I've been in love before and dated a lot but it's like he got to the core of who I am. We broke it off in January and I thought I was going to die. Then I started praying for a sign or for god to take that feeling away. I know it sounds crazy but when he left it's like I had some sort of spiritual awakening. Then I began to see synchronicity everywhere. The shows I watched, radio, he was every where. His name is not that common but I hear it at least three times a day now. And heres the kicker. He travels for his work so he's out of state all the time. This past Saturday ibwas going to a friend's house and was going up the high way and got lost. I look over and he pulls up right beside me. What are the odds of that? I went 10 years looking for him and couldn't find him to getting lost and running into him. I feel so strongly thatvwe were meant to be together. I just can't over look all the obvious signs and coincidences anymore. Can you give me your honest opinion on what may be going on and why this is happening? I would greatly appreciate it!! Thank you for your time!!

  7. I have always been gifted when it comes to intuition and I have been identified as an indigo soul since I was A teen. I would reed peoples future when i was younger until I realized I couldn't control the empath in me. My readings were quite accurate yet I never really believed in myself but somehow a story unfolded right before my eyes when ever I used the coffee mug method that my mother introduced me to when I was 13. A psychic told her i was gifted. My predictions were always accurate down to Unique specifics I couldn't have possibly just guessed. Anyways enough of my past U probably get the point im psychic.But I drifted from spirituality after I got married 4 years ago. I was very happy though. Until now I have been abruptly awaken from my Fantasy life. I started seeing Auras, energy. spirals vortexes etc. Out of no where this started happening in April this year. Until recently i didn't know why this was happening to me yet i was very fascinated. Almost like a new world opened up for me. At the same time I started going through these emotions thinking is this it for me?? this life? I really dont think I can continue playing this trophy wife role. I felt like i was missing something. Longing for love but not from my own partner. It was a time of confusion for me. Because I intended on spending the rest of my life with this guy. Hes a nice guy! I Then came to a realization when I had this dream a month ago of This guy I met in April. In the dream this guy just walked right into me. At first when we met we were just friends and we got along so great. He has all my beliefs when it comes to spirituality.The crazy thing is i feel so silly that I did not realize it before but he was going through awakening symptoms when i was. I was trying to help him with the things i had learned while going through it. That made us great friends to share our experiences that were quite similar. One experience in particular was how his body would astral project without his will when he fell asleep. He would have trouble going back inside his body. I too experienced this for a time in my life until one day I was out of my body i let go of fear and i saw a yellow butterfly flying around me. I was able to easily pull my spirit back in my vehicle that day. When i woke up again that butterfly was in that room. When I started seeing there was this orange orb I would see that would transform into shapes. The shapes were a butterfly, A white Dove and lovers kissing inside a heart. These were the answers i would get when i would inquire as to why it was there.I started reading Tarot cards and when I inquire about him the cards I get are always the same. Down to exact positions. I learned these Cards are known as Karmic Cards.The cards are the wheel of fortune, Justice, The devil, the tower, the moon, Judgement and the world. Along with the lovers and the queen of Wands. Not sure if your into Tarot but I am and they dont lie to me.

  8. part 2

    He realized it first from the moment I met him he told me I was the definition of beauty. These compliments were often and i would usually dodge him against my will. I truly was trying to avoid him but yet something always pulled me to him. When i would see him these walls would tremble down as we conversed. It was like with him I could be completely who I am. He was very easy for me to talk to. Though I refused the attraction i felt from the beginning until a month ago. I just fantasized about him. I even had to do myself thinking of him. These feelings are to complex for me still. I feel as if my logical mind can not completely accept or comprehend these grand emotions. He also feels that way. He tells me his heart beats very quickly when im around him. I feel the same way! I dont know if it was a coincidence but after we met he lost his phone twice. When I called him the first time it went to voicemail. After im done hanging up he calls automatically from another phone and tells me about his lost phone. This happened twice and he had no way of knowing i was trying to reach him. We met up at a room he rented at the hilton! He went all out for me! I did specify that I wanted privacy(im still a married woman). We got Deeper that night and i told him about my driving phobia. Yes since I started i had always been scared and i never understood why. Well he showed me his scars from his accident. It was pretty terrible. Somehow it was like i finally understood and my fear had lost its sense to linger. We discussed our interest and we are pretty much the same. Im kinda unique when it come to my interest. Never met anyone with so many similarities with me. As i heard him talk it was all to familiar. I felt like I knew him for years. We felt like we were home. At the same time the Flame was so strong! I didnt even try to resist it. The fire had been building for 6 months. It was unlike anything I ever experienced in my life. He says it was inexplicable. It was pure ecstasy but sober. I even noticed his indigo aura grew and was filled with spirals. We saw the butterfly together! This immense emotion of love to this person i had just met. It almost feels like these feelings are not new. Even though I had told him I wanted privacy he convinced me that night to go to a family bbq. I met his family that day lol. Im Happy I found him. I admit that i would run away with him if i had the chance. I feel this is wrong and that just makes me want to forget i ever met him. I cant let go though this emotion is bigger than me. Hes not even my type! Im trying not to get attached. Im trying to be Mature about this. I really dont want to hurt this man thats been very good to me through out our marriage. He adopted my son when he was 3 months. We got a house. Im playing the housewife. We are content and financially stable.My son thinks thats his dad. I wonder if i might be going insane sometimes. But these Tales I tell are facts.

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  10. 4 of those signs happened to me when I was at the point of forgetting him and moving on. For me my twin flame experience happened online, last year October 2014 I saw a video of him online and I feel instantly connected like his singing to me (his singing by the way) and on Jan 11 I had this realistic vivid dream of him like were cuddling and one of his friends said "don't worry, can do anything for you" my old schoolmate was also there and her bday is on the same day!!! Anyways after that I woke up and wrote the dream down 20mins after there was an earthquake, I also had vivid dreams of him short ones and one is on his bday. Then, on April 8 my cousin who happens to date his friend introduced me to him, coincidence? I think not, then on April 11 we started chatting, during this time his dating someone and her bday is Jan 11 :))) well anyway before I met him I had signs of like 11:11 or 6:11, I remember on 11/29/2014 I heard his first name on a female tennis match like the announcer called his name, lol, yea those were the good times, now, where in the separate stage his the runner I'm the chaser, we don't talk that much now the only contact I have of him is my cousin, and my cousin also told me and her bf that they had dreams of us like being together they say its vivid. Anyway, I'm feeling something is going to happen, idk what but its a strange feeling like my while body senses something that's going to happen.