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Why Twin Flames Run

Okay this is the written version of the info I found in a video for which the link is at the end. The original video I was given the link for, and which is the reason why I typed it up, wasn't great. The creator of that video took the original video put out by "goldraytwinflames" and cut out some parts and added every loud music so that it was very hard to understand what Mel was saying. So here's the written version with the link to Mel's video at the end. Enjoy!

Why Twin Flames Run 

Prior to doing this video, I took a look around the internet websites and it looks like everybody and his uncle has done a video on why Twin Flames run. One of the things I did observe in looking at other videos, is that there seems to be a piece missing that I thought was very important, not to be judgmental of other peoples information. I thought there was a piece of information that was very valuable that didn't seem to come out in other people's information that they presented. 

The thing that I found that is most important in why Twin Flames run is a very strange word that we all have to deal with at some point in time and it's called FEAR. Basically without getting into any complicated theories or philosophies here, I have found that over the years, myself (Mel) and Nicole, in dealing with Twin Flames on the run, if you can put it that way; when you isolate it all down, simplify it in one word, why do they run, it's because they are AFRAID. It's very simple, there is nothing complicated about that. 

I think what I would like to do is to explain the point of origin of that fear, give some information so that a person might be able to understand what's happening and perhaps a suggestion or two as to how you can deal with it. I would like everyone for a moment who has ever been in a Twin Flame connection or whoever will be in one in the future, to imagine with me for the moment, and I'm using some of my own personal experience also; go back to the moment of connection between a set of Twin Flames, the very first moment when you came face to face with that person, this is what happened. 

There is an electrifying charge, the immediate rushing together of the two energy bodies from each individual to rejoin and reconnect. At the moment that this happens, a whole sequence of events takes place. The first result is immediately, the two individuals in question are catapulted into an altered or mystical state of consciousness. This is where in this state, in the initial phase, is what I call the "bubble love". In this state of consciousness the two individuals are in total harmony. 

What do I mean by harmony? They can go on and talk for hours and be in agreement with everything. They can experience past experiences together. They can talk about it for endless hours. They can forget to eat food. They can be almost joined at the hip as it were. Every one of their senses of hearing, sight, taste, touch and smell are enhanced to the tenth degree. The sexual connection between the two of them is something to behold and experienced when it happens in some cases. 

What has happened is that the two individuals in question have entered into a state of mind which, I'm going to make a prediction here, is the natural state we were once in until we fell in frequency as a species. Because it's been so long since a lot of us have been in that state, that when we get into that exalted state, what also takes place is the chakra systems of the two individuals link up. Because it's such an exalted state, the energy that is flowing between the two of them, you can call this a Kundalini rising because that is exactly what it is. 

This in turn affects the endocrine system in the body and all the glandular secretions in the body begin to change and alter for a period of time while they are in this exalted state. They become completely oblivious to everything around them, they become totally focused on this other person. It's all kind of like some magnificent obsession, for lack of a better term. 

However I want to mention this part at this point in time so that everybody understands that that particular state is our natural state of being, that's our natural state to feel that way. On a permanent basis that's where we're going. That's the ultimate purpose of Twin Flames. To come in, to connect, to step into or rise up into that exalted state, that mystical state, that union, that affects even the hemispheres of the brain of the two individuals. The endorphins that are being released go right off the chart in a Twin Flame connection. 

I would also like to mention at this particular point, that this is the template that I have talked about over the last few years, of relationships as they are going to formulate in the future; and I would also like to mention that they are happening now. Very soon, and this is going to be a little prediction I'm going to make, it's going to be very hard to tell which is a bonafide set of Twin Flames, and which is a soul mate and which is just an ordinary everyday kind of relationship, because this type of a template is going to be there for everyone! It will be very difficult to decipher who is a Twin Flame and who is not but by that time it won't matter anyway. 

But in any case, in this "bubble love" of frequency there is an expression that applies, what goes up must come down, because you must answer to the laws of gravity in this physical reality. So while you're up there in that particular state, everything within you is being enhanced, it's being vivified, it's being electrified as it were. This goes into the spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body, the etheric body and obviously the physical body, the five body meld that I have talked about before many many times. So what happens, the whole of this coming together is orchestrated by the Higher Self. 

And here's another point that's important here. Many individuals will say "well I wasn't ready for this experience" and another one might say "I didn't want the experience or I didn't ask for the experience". You have to remember that most of us are still thinking and feeling and reacting to relationships based on the old template. That old template has been around for thousands of years and it's been passed from culture to culture, from religion to religion, from race to race and whatever, on different parts of the planet, it's been reprogrammed and reprogrammed and reprogrammed so what happens is that this mystical state of bubble love begins to come back down in frequency. The reason it comes back down is because if the two individuals stayed there indefinitely, their body, their chakra system, the endocrine system, the nervous system, has not been in that higher frequency for so long, for such a millennium of time, it has no choice but to come back down otherwise you would simply burn out, the both of you. Literally speaking, the chakra system would burn out, the nervous system would burn out, because you couldn't handle that energy, the body is not accustomed to it. 

So it must come down and when you do come down, what happens is this, all of the latent potentials that you have within you, everyone has positive aspects of themselves and everyone has negative aspects of themselves. During the course of that enlightened state of consciousness if you will, for lack of a better expression, everything has been enhanced within you, all of the creative potentials that never had a chance to develop and all of the negative aspects of your personality and your psychological makeup. So when you come down you start to drift back into your old set state of consciousness. This is where this starts to happen, you start thinking about things in "oh my God I have never experienced anything in my whole life like this, I have never felt anything like this, why I could be simply overrun by this person. I gasp when I think of the power that this person could hold over me. I am so vulnerable, I am so open, this person could literally destroy me in any way shape or form". "It's like I'm totally addicted, I'm hooked, I'm totally hung up on this person, I'm helpless with this person". These are the kind of thoughts that begin to come up and basically, in the simplest of terms, these are fears, this is blatant fear expressing itself. One thing that I do know about fear, fear is the one aspect of a personality that is the great restrictor, it chokes us, it smothers us. There are only two natural fears, that I can think of, fear of death and fear of not surviving, they are instinctual. The rest are self-perpetuated and created and because again we're not used to this, these are all of the things that come up. 

Now along with that, what has happened is as I mentioned the fear is starting to come up and remember I said, while you were up there, all of the positive and all of the negative was enhanced so that when you come back, suddenly you find out that you are more creative. You've suddenly developed clairvoyant abilities you didn't have before. You've become some kind of healer or you developed some creative talent and along with that you now have all of these dysfunctional patterns now showing up also. This is where you get into the situation where I discovered right away that this was a state of mind and a state of being that I had not experienced before and I didn't want to run away from it, as a guy talking here okay, I wanted to control it. I wanted to be boss hog in the trough in this particular situation and that's why I initiated a lot of control and these types of things with Nicole, and Nicole would be the first one to agree, and she was just as bad about it as I was but we decided to stay there and work it out.

Nowadays we have a concept in our reality, we live in a throw-away society. Nowadays, if you don't like your boyfriend or husband or partner, throw 'em away and get a new one, throw her away and get a new one. I think that attitude has been exemplified over the past decade and is also come to play here in the situation of Twin Flames. What happens is this, as these aspects begin to come out, as I mentioned these are initiated by the Higher Self, and, in many cases here, the going up gives you a sample of what's there potentially if you're willing to do the work to be able to earn the right to be able to express that higher state of consciousness that was initially experienced pretty much on a perennial basis. In order to do that, remember you've come back, everything has been exemplified, the positive and the negative. A lot of people say "well you're mirroring your Twin Flame" well I don't agree with that statement at all. You're actually reflecting all of the things inside yourself that are not in harmony with yourself, which in turn is causing a push-pull between you and your Twin Flame. 

Another thing that comes up that I have seen on many sites on why Twin Flames run, is the issue of Karma, and I've already discussed Karma in that perspective here, that Twin Flames don't have Karma. They are a graduate soul returning and when they come back they have an etheric body that's clear. Therefore the only residual patterns they have is of the particular soul group, family or genealogy they've taken on. I'm not going to get into that lengthy aspect here because there are other more important things. 

The other thing here that I need to exemplify or focus on here is this. The Twin Flame Trilogy, if I can put it that way, has become so, shall we say commercialized now. What's happened is that there is another piece of it that has been forgotten. When the Twin Flames come together, they enjoy this moment. There is a rite of passage here that takes place and that rite of passage is that if you're going to be a template for the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine, and a template for relationships, that means you have to go through this exercise of eliminating from yourself, himself/herself, all of those dysfunctional or whatever you want to call them, non-productive issues that need to be addressed. When this happens, what happens is as you come down and you have the positive that has already expressed itself, fear is the biggest factor. The other factor is because they don't understand the process that's going on, this adds to the fear, it's human nature. What will someone do if they come up against something they don't understand or they never experienced before?They're either going to run, or they're going to be afraid of it and run, or they're simply going to pretend it never happened, or didn't exist. This is very apparent with this new template of relationships that's going on. 

There is a sorting process amongst Twin Flames. Here I may step on a few toes but this is also something that's here. Twin Flames, by just about every circle, or definition, or every person's opinion, have that reflection of being, as they like to say, high up in frequency. They have to have certain components in their character, they have to have integrity, they have to be sincere, they have to be compassionate, they have to have principles and they have to emanate what's called by some people unconditional love, which Nicole and I like to call "creative source energy". All of these qualities that they talk about, and I agree with them, they're quite correct, need to be emanated by a pair of Twin Flames. They must go through this rite of passage so that when in actual fact a Twin Flame, they do run or they break up, that is so that both and, I also add here, it's never just one that I would say is at fault, and at fault is not the right word; it's not just the one here that usually has to work with some part of self, it's usually both although it may appear that one maybe more expressive in a certain dysfunctional pattern, but usually it's both. 

The other thing that I want to mention here at this particular point is this, we have had 3 waves of Twin Flames come in. The first wave which was in about 1942 to the 1950's. I came in on the first wave in the latter part. There were only perhaps a few dozen at that particular point in time. The second wave which came in the 60's and 70's were a few hundred, if I can put it that way. The third wave came in the 80's and 90's going into now. The third wave came in probably with a few thousand sets of Twin Flames. Each and every one of these waves, before they came in, I want to add this part in and it's important. Each one of these Twin Flames, or this one soul that split and came in, prior to coming in each went to what I will call a school. This school was specifically oriented to the timeline that they would be born into, but more specifically the timeline that they would grow up and be an adult. They were taught and have within their consciousness the information and the knowledge that they require for their personal awakening. The problem that has happened is we've had so much confusion and distortion of Twin Flame information that a lot of Twin Flames have forgotten how to access this information that is within themselves because they live in that fear.

Now another thing here why Twin Flames run is again, you've probably noticed if you spent any time on the internet, there appears to be a great many who are many thousands of miles apart, and they come from different cultures and different races. So therefore the template or the belief systems or the fear factor would be different for each one of them. Now I want to add something here that's very very important and it is this. If for any reason a pair of Twin Flames come together, they separate, they run, because of the fear, and the issues are not resolved, this does not mean they cannot continue on in this particular life and be creative and enjoy the experience. It also means that when they leave after this physical incarnation, they will move right back to their original vibration, no change. The other thing that's important to remember here is every set of Twins knew the risk, knew the odds were not in their favor depending upon where they incarnated. For example, for a Twin to wake up in the U.S. is much easier than for a Twin to wake up in Pakistan or India or one of those countries where they have a different religious training and background. People need to be aware of this, it's very important. 

I have a couple of footnotes that I wanted to discuss too. So the situation is this, now that you are apart, there is still a chance that you can come together. If here you understand that the issues that have come up are embedded within your etheric body, that you have picked these up as templates from your present family, it has nothing to do with Karma, I need to emphasize that point. Therefore if you are willing to go back and take a look, take a look at your own personal issues that have come up. Go back in your family, take a look where they originate from. When you locate the point of origin, then you have actually found the trigger to this, and once you do this, it can be released from the etheric body. If you do enough of this, what can happen is you can get a second and even a third opportunity to come back with the Twin Flame and reconnect yet again.

The other thing that I wanted to mention here is the sorting process that I have discussed here. This is important because as this template is now taking place, the bubble that I talked about is going to become the new template for relationships here on the planet. Every one of us, sooner or later down the road, is going to go through a similar type of scenario as this. We are all going to have to get accustomed to working through it because we are reacquainting ourselves with it. Now coming up, and there's many predictions that are saying this is going to happen on December 21st of this year, I'm a little more broad in my timeline for that perspective, is this, what I'm talking about here, the bubble scenario. I really hope people are going to listen to what I'm going to say here because this is important. This experience that a great many of you, you who are going to listen to this video, you will experience this mystical, this bubble, this powerful coming together. This union that is coming, this is going to be the perennial state of consciousness of people here on the planet. 

Are you ready for this? Have you done the inner work, have you taken responsibility, have you become self-aware? Because this is what the ascension is all about. Twin Flames have ascended into that exalted state of consciousness, they have the template and that template is the expansion of consciousness that takes place. This is what is going to happen to the general population coming in the next few months, in the next year or years or whatever and it's going to be happening by the thousands or millions. People are going to start experiencing this and it doesn't take a rocket scientist or a banana salesman to figure out that a lot of people are not anywhere near ready for this. I must say there is a lot of people in the New Age community that think this is all going to happen by some process of Divine osmosis and it's not. Therefore the role and significance of Twin Flames, and there are other souls that are here in different avenues that are doing the same thing, that understand this. 

So if you are a set of Twins and you have had this happen, go back to the experience of the bubble you were in that first phase, and then go back immediately as you came down and transitioned back into physical reality, itemize all of the things that came up between you and your Twin, specifically yourself, and then go through them. Never mind what Twin is doing, it doesn't matter what he or she is doing, it only matters what you are doing. Go back and take a look at what is taking place with you, work with them, because you missed a very valuable point here. 

The reason that you came into the family, the culture, the race, the religion, or the city or the part of the planet that you're there, is because you have the ability to act as a messenger; to be an individual who can, because you have experienced that higher state of consciousness, pass that to everyone in your genetic family or genealogy. I hope you understand what I'm saying here because it's really really important that everybody has the opportunity. So even if your Twin Flame has run, or you ran away from your Twin Flame, remember you are not just doing this for your Twin Flame, you are doing this for everyone. That experience that you had in the initial, in the beginning, is so critical and this is what I don't see a great deal of mention about in a lot of other videos and a lot of other people who give information on why Twin Flames run. They run because of the fear and the lack of understanding that is essential to the experience as it goes on. 

That's why I did this video, that's why I'm really focusing on this enhanced state of consciousness. This is the birthright of humanity, this is where we are all going to go. As a general rule we have lost so much, we have lost touch with our natural state which is that exalted state when Twin Flames come together. We've lost touch with it and now we're getting reacquainted with it, because the basic people on the planet have been reincarnating. Do you know that there are some Twin Flames that I have met and have had the chance to council, who actually feel guilty? They actually felt this exalted state, this mystical union, this Divine togetherness, they felt guilty, that they didn't deserve it!! Can you believe that? They didn't deserve it or that they weren't worthy to experience it? Now somebody is doing some serious brainwashing on us people and we really need to wake up! (End of video)

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  1. Great to see this in writing! I watched the video. Found it to be RIGHT ON. I found my Twin. Wasn't looking. I need to find out more about what he means by going back the the "point of origin" to clear issues that make me want to run. Powerful stuff here. Namaste.